T26 / T27 Lamp

T26 / T27 240V 650W GY9.5 Lamp

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T26 lamp

  • wattage: 650
  • Voltage:230-240
  • lamp Cap: GY9.5
  • lamp type:T26
  • Product description: GCS
  • Product code: 88463
  • Lumens:15,500
  • CCT (k): 3100
  • Operating Position: Base down to horizontal
  • Life(h):400 average
  • length mm:90

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T26 / T27 240V 650W GY9.5 Lamp. Tungsram quartz halogen replacement bulb suitable for fresnels and profile lanterns rated up to 650W with a GY9.5 lamp base/cap.

Essentially both T27 and T26 are the same lamp type but with a couple of differences. The T27 has a lumen output of 14,500 whilst the T26 has been measured at 15,500 lumens. The T27 has a colour temperature of 3050K as opposed to 3100K on the T26. Physically both lamps are the same measurement, but there are differences in the filament layout.

Typically used in: Strand Prelude F,  PC,  16/30  and Quartet F, PC, 22/40, Selecon Acclaim F & PC amongst others.

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