Zero88 FLX added to Showbitz stock.

The Showbitz team are excited to have invested in brand new Zero88 product lines, including the fantastic FLX console – a high-powered yet affordable solution with all the traits of an industry standard top-of-the range desk, but at a hire price accessible to amateurs and professionals alike.

The FLX will feel familiar to any experienced lighting designer or operator – and is at home in theatres, touring productions, music venues, and schools. With an extensive range of built-in wizards and intuitive programming methods, you’ll spend less time ‘figuring out’ this desk, and more time creating the looks and scenes that achieve your artistic goals!

As a dealer of Zero88 equipment, Showbitz are happy to offer extensive consultation on this product – helping our customers to decide whether to hire or buy. Get in touch with our production team, and book in a demonstration today!