Pink Tape & Cable Tie Bundle

Pink Tape & Cable Tie Bundle

Includes one of each of the following;
  • MagTape Utility Gloss Gaffer 50mm x 50m
  • Pro Gaff Fluorescent Matt Tape 24mm x 25m
  • Pro Gaff Fluorescent Matt Tape 12mm x 25m
  • Le Mark PVC Electrical Insulation Tape 19mm x 33m
  • Fluorescent Cable Ties 100mm x 2.5mm

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Pink Tape & Cable Tie Bundle.

Our best selling Pink PVC electrical insulation tape now in a bundle! Compliment your Le Mark Pink PVC with gaffer, fluorescent cloth tape and cable ties all in pink. Practical and useful for professionals and also a great gift.

Colours may vary slightly from those shown on your screen. True fluorescent tones are difficult to capture on photo.

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, we recommend applying to a surface that is smooth, clean, dry, non-porous and free from dust, oil and other contaminants. Stated performance figures and specification are based on average values and should not be regarded as maximum or minimum values. Measurements are approximate. Due to the nature of this product, performance may deteriorate over time. Due to varying application environments, the suggested uses should be considered as a general guide only. We recommend all users assess the suitability of these products for their individual application.

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