Orchid Electronics Audio 1:1 Isolator

Orchid Electronics Single Channel Audio 1:1 Transformer Isolator

  • Input and output are completely isolated by a miniature high quality audio 1:1 ratio transformer
  • Input and output are on standard 3 terminal jack sockets to enable the use of mono (2 terminal), or balanced (3 terminal) jack plugs.
  • Input and output screens are not connected to give complete galvanic isolation
  • Can be used to prevent ‘hum loops’ between equipment
  • Useful in multi guitar amplifier set ups to prevent hum and noise interaction between amplifiers
  • Unbalanced to balanced conversion
  • Low loss and flat frequency response


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Housed in a strong aluminium die cast box.

Size: 100 x 38 x 32mm

Weight: 110g

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Weight 125 kg