Orchid Electronics Muting DI Box

Orchid Electronics Muting DI Box

  • Single instrument input. Optimised for best performance from most instruments pickups
  • Buffered low impedance output on a jack socket to feed backline amplifier or on stage monitoring. This output mutes.
  • Balanced XLR output at microphone level to feel the mixing console. This main output also mutes.
  • Buffered tuner output available at all times, irrespective of mute state
  • Red LED indicates output mute status
  • May be either battery or phantom powered. The PP3 battery is housed in a drawer for easy access
  • Active circuitry for superb performance
  • Momentary footswitch, mechanically quiet in operation, mute action latches electronically.


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A development of Orchid Electronics successful DI Box design, this product has a silent mute facility, which many players will find invaluable for use on stage, when changing instruments or quiet tuning.

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